It is with sincere appreciation that we thank our current and future supporters for their generosity to help us all look towards a brighter future by gifting our book to Bar and Bat Mitzvah students.

Cron Family Foundation

Robert and Janet Leeds and Family

Marcie and Yury Berson

James Oliverio and Family

Bruce and Ann Milove

Peter A. Schwartz

Debbie and Terry Steinberg

Benjamin White

Desmond Conneely

Mark and Diane Perlberg

Jodi Smith

Theresa Rafkin

Lauren Langtry

Andrea Bolender

Mr. Terry Ebert

Mr. Jon Sahn

David Barr

Dolly Balsamo

Ms. Justine Simpson

Marcy and Jonathan Schaffir & Family

Alex Schattner

Marty Davis

Jamie Freundlich

Allen A. Geller

Matthew Giampapa

Susan Branfman

Ms. Basak Tan

Scott Rudnick and Family

Rich Zeitz

Lionel Raynaud

Martin Rosenblatt

Michael Kalish

Brad Widolok

Heidi Scheuber

Alana Shindler

Beth Rudnick

Irene Fisher

Joe Slota

Lisa Casey

Betty Landau

Ms. Ronnie Kedrin and Family

Bruce Zutler

Jeff Schulman

Peter Devenshire

Jean Rosenthal

Michael Muller

Marilyn Davidoff

Andrea Sypeck and family

Mike Strandberg

Vicki Goldstein

Paul Ehrman

Jill Breslauer

Ellen Feldman

Amanda Doreson

Ronald Schmitt and Tess


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